Information from District Conference 2021

May 24 2021

May 20, 2021

Greetings from the South Central District Office!

Heavenly Father,
Because in your hands you hold the depths of the earth and the highest mountain. . .
Because in your hands you hold the sea, sky, and land and all its inhabitants, which you formed,
I know that you also hold people of the SCD in your hands.
We come before you, our Shepherd, our God, and our Maker and worship You- giving thanks
that we are Your people whom You watch over.
I thank you for the men and women of the SCD whom you have called to shepherd your people.
I thank you for the laity who are called into ministry alongside the clergy to serve their
communities and share the love of Christ with those around them.
The past year has been difficult on all of us as we have carried the burden of a pandemic that
            included unprecedented deaths, isolation, depression, fear, and tension around safety.
I pray now that You may renew the people of the SCD.
I pray that You may bless us:
in our comings and goings
in our marriages and in our singleness
bless our children and loved ones and
Grant them abundant life.
I pray that you will draw us closer to you that we may all know the width, length, height, and
depth of Your love for us and the world we are called to reach.
I pray that the world will see our love for one another and our communities and glorify Your
Name, that this year those who never have before will call out your name as their
Redeemer and Reconciler.
We pray all this to You in the name of Jesus Christ our Savior. Amen.


Please watch the attached video that contains the details of the 2021 District Conference. Also, included are the documents approved for your review. (Note that Sandy Bowen is new to the District Leadership Team and Rev. Joseph Carter is new to the District Committee Board of Ordained Ministry). 


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