Our Connection Matters: This is My Story!


Our Connection Matters offers a toolkit which includes a wealth of resources focusing on a different theme to resource your local church in nurture, outreach, witness and advocacy ministries.

Our new Annual Conference theme is "Alive Together In Witness." It is through our witness that we are truly Alive Together in Christ - in worship and in the world. These themes are so very interwoven! 

Why is the word "evangelism" so intimidating for many and sharing our faith so scary for some? Is it fear of rejection, not having all the answers, or fear of ridicule? This edition offers resources to equip and inspire us to step out of our comfort zone and share our faith! 

Pathways Event - August 24
Evangelism and witnessing will be a highlight during this year's Pathways event set for August 24 at Trinity UMC in Warner Robins. Participants will find practical tools and inspiration to equip clergy and laity in all areas of ministry and spiritual growth. Click here for more information, a full list of workshops, bulletin insert and to register

Back To School Resources
It's almost "Back To School" time again! Be sure and check out our archived edition covering all things "Back To School."


Witness: This is My Story!  

We hope the resources below will help jumpstart your planning and give you new ideas both for your individual faith journey and for the ways in which we engage in ministry together.  

Deep Dive: The Barna Group has been conducting and analyzing primary research to understand cultural trends related to values, beliefs, attitudes and behaviors since 1984. What Non-Christians want from faith conversations. 


N  U  R  T  U  R  E


O  U  T  R  E  A  C  H

Outreach and Evangelism go hand in hand! Here are some insights into the local churches' impact for sharing faith in our communities along with meeting needs. 


W  I  T  N  E  S  S


A  D  V  O  C  A  C  Y

Do you have a desire to be more engaged in Advocacy work through The United Methodist Church in 2019? Here is what you can do.


T E L L   U S   W H A T   Y O U   
W A N T   T O   K N O W

Connectional Ministries is here to help resource you in all areas of ministry and programming. Contact Allison Lindsey if you would like to share ideas and connect with other churches successful in specific areas of ministry. It's through our connection that we can learn best practices and help each other bear fruit for discipleship and be Alive Together In The World!