John Wesley and the Germans, part 2



When John Wesley boarded the “Simmons” at Gravesend Harbor in the port of London on November 14, 1735, for his move to Georgia, he met a group of Germans who strongly influenced his life and faith. There were two groups of Germans on the small vessel. One group, numbering “two and thirty,” were Moravians. The other group, numbering around 17, were Salzburgers, Lutheran Christians. Both groups were coming to Georgia as a part of General Oglethorpe’s colony in Georgia.

The first thing that impressed Wesley about “these Germans” was their joy. He writes in his journal about how the Germans were always so happy. That impressed him!

It is not surprising that “JOY” impressed John Wesley. Some have said that “JOY” is the most compelling witness to the presence of the Holy Spirit.

How much JOY is evident in the life of your congregation?

The Rev. Dave Hanson is a retired pastor and John Wesley scholar.