CF&A releases “Budget at a glance”


The Council on Finance and Administration (CF&A) recently released the 2015 South Georgia Conference Budget for Mission and Ministry. It can be found online at

The “budget at a glance” provides a breakdown of the Conference budget into two parts to help pastors and congregants better understand how their apportionment dollars are spent.

Type A budget items are paid based on expenses or vouchers incurred and include clergy support expenses (pensions, District Superintendent salaries, etc.), budgets for the Office of Connectional Ministries, New and Revitalized Congregational Development, and more. Type B items are paid each month based on receipts collected and include items such as the Christian Higher Education Fund, General Church apportionments, and more.

It also includes and explains the apportionment formula and how apportionments are figured for each congregation.

The CF&A hopes that this resource will serve as a teaching resource and help pastors and local church leaders educate members about how their tithes help further the Kingdom of God through The United Methodist Church in South Georgia and around the world.

“We are grateful to our generous local church members and the leadership of our pastors in their giving beyond the needs of their churches,” said Rev. Jimmy Cason, chairman of the South Georgia Conference Council on Finance and Administration. “As a result, South Georgia United Methodists are able to impacts lives not only in South Georgia but around the world. We hope this interpretation of the Conference budget will make us proud of what we are doing for others in the name of Christ.