Appointments 2020

Appointment Making Process Related Information

Each year the Cabinet utilizes a tool called the “Master Move Book” in order to help facilitate the appointment making process. This year they are also utilizing an online appointment making tool. The forms below are used to populate these tools and ensure accurate information is used as the Cabinet discusses clergy appointments. Your help in completing these forms in a timely manner is appreciated.

Compensation Form Deadline to complete BOTH part 1 and part 2: December 5, 2019

Clergy Serving a Local Church:
Clergy Serving in an Extension Ministry Position:

Clergy serving a local church will utilize the Church Dashboard to complete their compensation form (link above). This form is filled out as part of the Charge Conference packet. Extension Ministers will utilize the Extension Ministry Dashboard to complete their compensation form (link above). The narrative form is also available through the dashboard if it has not previously been completed. The last day to make updates to or complete both parts of the compensation form is December 5. Any changes made after this date must be made through the District Office.

Appointment Preference: Report to the Bishop and Cabinet Form sent by: January 2, 2020
Deadline to return: February 3, 2020
No later than January 2, the District Office will mail to each clergyperson a form entitled “Report to the Bishop and Cabinet” where information relative to the appointment process for 2020 will be recorded. The District Office will also mail a similar report to each SPRC chairperson that solicits similar information. Each party is to sign the other's form after it is completed prior to returning to the District Office. Please remember, the deadline to return forms to the District Office is Monday, February 3.

Appointment Information Review Review form made available: January 17, 2020
Deadline to complete review: January 24, 2020
Clergy Serving a Local Church:
Clergy Serving in an Extension Ministry Position:

In order to provide one last snapshot for clergy to review their information prior to the printing of the “Master Move Book,” clergy will be asked to login to their dashboard (links above) between January 17 and January 24. There is nothing to complete; it is simply a one-page sheet to review. If there are any changes that need to be made clergy will need to contact their District Office.

There are 5 sections to review:
 Charge Membership Information for 2019 (pulled from the December Discipleship Report)
 Charge Apportionment Information for 2019 (pulled from the Administrative Services Office)
 Appointment Information as of 7/1/2019 (pulled from the Conference Database)
 Compensation Information for 2020 (pulled from the Clergy Compensation Form)
 Sexual Ethics Workshop Last Attended (pulled from the Conference Pastoral Counselor Office)

Again, if there are any changes that need to be made please contact your District Office. Please note that the Charge Membership and Apportionment Information will be blank for Extension Ministers.

The deadline to review this form, and to request changes to be made, is January 24.


Cabinet Appointment Making Sessions

The Appointive Cabinet will meet on the following dates. Consultation is a year-round process, and District Superintendents will continue consultations with Pastors and SPRC as needed throughout the appointment making process.
 Appointment Making Session #1 - February 17-21
 Appointment Making Session #2 - February 24-28
 Appointment Making Session #3 - March 9-13
 Appointment Making Session #4 - March 16-19 (Cabinet Retreat)
 Appointment Making Session #5 - March 23-27
 Anticipated release of appointments - March 29

Orientation for Moving Pastors

Bishop Bryan and the Appointive Cabinet will host a workshop on May 20 for full-time moving clergy. Superintendents will release the location and time for this event in the spring. Please remember that this is a mandatory meeting for all moving pastors.

Preaching Schedule & Moving Day

In an effort to encourage clergy to take a Sabbath break, the Bishop and Appointive Cabinet invite all clergy, especially those who are projected to move to a new appointment, to observe the following: Preach in Local Churches as Scheduled – June 7, 2020 For Clergy moving to a new appointment, you are encouraged to make this your final preaching Sunday in your current appointment. Pulpit Supply Sunday – June 14, 2020 Clergy are encouraged to coordinate with their SPRC to have retired clergy or lay supply fill the pulpit to preach this Sunday. All clergy are invited to participate in this Sabbath break but clergy on the projected move list are strongly encouraged to do so. Moving Day – June 17, 2020