Annual Conference 2020

Annual Conference Meeting Dates

The 2020 session of the South Georgia Annual Conference will meet June 7-9 at the Columbus Convention Center, during which Bishop Bryan will fix the appointments for 2020-2021. In addition to our time together in June, Bishop Bryan, in consultation with the leadership of the South Georgia Conference, has announced a potential one-day called Annual Conference Session on Saturday, August 15, 2020, at a central location within the bounds of the conference. Read more at

Annual Conference Materials

All Annual Conference materials for the 2020 session will be placed on the conference and district websites to download and print or save to an electronic device prior to Annual Conference. The Book of Recommendations will also be available to order at a minimal cost through All clergy for whom we have an email address will receive a notification when Annual Conference materials are available. If an email address was entered during Charge Conference season for the lay member to Annual Conference from your church that person will receive an email as well. However, clergy are requested to check with the church’s lay member to Annual Conference to make sure they receive all of the Annual Conference materials. Information will also be included in the district newsletter and conference communications. Please make note of these procedures for Annual Conference materials. The process remains the same as last year. If printing out the materials, downloading them to an electronic device or ordering from presents a hardship please let your District Office know by April 3.